Explore Scotland’s remoter shores aboard Selkie, a high-latitude yacht designed to let you experience spectacular Highland scenery and wildlife at its best.

Whether you join us for a few days or a few weeks, summer or winter, you will witness some of the natural world’s most memorable sights, from soaring cliffs festooned with migrating and nesting birds to breath-taking, lonely bays. You might even glimpse some of the ocean giants as they ply their way to and from their artic breeding grounds.

On Selkie Explorers sailing holidays and trips, we welcome you to take the helm, help hoist the sails or just sit back and relax, while enjoying delicious, local food and the hospitality of our Selkie crew.
Selkie has had an amazing 2018 season. We just finished a very fun sail with Wild Photography Holidays and have dates for 2019 and 2020 lined up. A big thank you to Geraldine, Martin, Alecia and our wonderful guests. I'm excited about our 2019 schedule and developing some new trips about which I will keep you posted. We look forward to welcoming you on board for exciting and mindful adventures and good food from the croft!