In 2019 Selkie is available for bespoke and bookabunk charters to St Kilda, the Small Isles and everywhere we can sail to from Mallaig and Eigg in a week. Our voyages are between 4 and 7 nights long.
Selkie will have 2 skippers next year as Celia will be spending time on the Eigg croft as well to bring you the unique Selkie produce that we have enjoyed on our voyages.

2019 along with our bespoke trips we have a monthly book a bunk St Kilda voyage which is a best seller. If the dates aren't convenient then do contact us as We may arrange an extra voyage that month. We are offering two geosail opportunities, the photosail and another fabulous wellbeing sail.

Scroll down to see our full schedule at a glance. Selkie has no scheduled winter trips this year but she may be out and about for a bespoke trip.
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