Family adventure sailing - during Easter holidays, July and August
Selkie is a family boat and Dylan, now 14 years old, is an integral part of the team having lived on Selkie since turning 3 years old. We have explored many nooks and crannies of Scotland seeking out kid friendly adventures. Each school holidays we plan a few weeks where we venture to new places to seek out and explore new adventures. Ideal voyages are 6 nights. Minimum voyage is 3 nights.

The Hebridean sea is fantastic area for responsible marine wildlife watching. We love swimming and jumping in from Selkie, fishing and on board BBQ which has to include marshmallow toasting! You will have the opportunity to use a micro plastic trawl. We want our oceans to be clean for marine life and it is a great way to engage kids and parents alike to gain a picture of the state of our seas.

To enquire about our bespoke family holidays please email Selkie Explorers at