Sailing. Qi gong and wellbeing 2 day sail- 20th to 22nd July
Selkie Explorers is teaming up with Qi Gong Practitioner and wild food forager Camille Dressler for these beautiful slow adventures. Hop on board Selkie at the Rhu Boat House, near Arisaig to sail and practice wild yoga on remote beaches and the deck of Selkie. Both trips start and finish at 10am and 6pm respectively.
For our overnight adventure we will combine sailing and yoga to reach a remote anchorage where we will sleep onboard for the night. Yoga practices onshore in the wild. Scroll down to for more details on yoga teachers.

Cost daysail £120 per person
Cost overnight sail is dependent on your bunk and includes all onboard meals: Double occupancy £215 per person; Single occupancy of double £325; Aft single £305; Lower single £295.
For more details and to book your place please email Selkie Explorers at
Iyengar Yoga Teacher - Elaine Bull

Elaine Bull has 10 years experience of teaching regular yoga classes in the Peak District. The pleasure she has always derived from being active outside led her to seek something to complement and balance all the pursuits she loves. She has lost none of her original enthusiasms, but has found in yoga a pathway to greater fulfilment and wellbeing. Elaine is currently a Junior intermediate Level 2 Iyengar teacher, and sees her development as a teacher, practitioner and person as a continuous journey towards a better state of being. “Of course I love the physical benefits of yoga, but I quickly found that the concentration and focus that a deep yoga practice demands gives me a profound sense of calm and a break from the stresses of everyday life.”
Qi Gong Practitioner - Camille Dressler
Camille Dressler came to Eigg in 1979 to research the island's oral traditions. She was so entranced that she settled on the island, embarking on a life journey that took her through the Eigg community buy-out to writing the definitive story of the island, learning and teaching leadership skills and connecting with islands throughout Scotland and Europe. Throughout, Eastern energy arts fuelled her journey. Moving from yoga to Qi Gong, she has become a passionate advocate of this ancient art. "It adds a new dimension to the fantastic natural environment where I am so lucky to live. I am learning how the Way of Tao is teaching us to harness nature’s energy to sustain our own energy in ways I never thought possible! Silk Reeling practice, in particular, develops remarkable suppleness in muscles and fascia whilst oiling and opening your joints. I love teaching it and seeing people's bodies starting to change and develop a feeling of lightness. While movement keeps our monkey-mind busy, we can begin to develop the calmness and mindfulness that many of us crave in today's world.”
Skipper - Celia Bull
“Always I am drawn by the raw power of landscape. I feel its essence atop a windswept beacon, hands clasping reins and mane, looking out over the Aylesbury vale; clinging to delicate hand holds up on the seemingly featureless rock wall in the Llanberis pass; at the helm, mimicking a wandering albatross skimming a South Atlantic swell. Nature’s pull always too strong for me to deny. I started practising yoga and enjoyed it for the physical challenge it presented me. Gradually I adopted a flowing practice that I was able to take anywhere. Life was aboard the boat, governed by tides and weather. I merged yoga with my outdoor passions and found my enjoyment and experience enhanced. Spiritually and intellectually I felt more complete; emotions pulled into a sharper focus.
"This opportunity to combine two of the things I love in this wonderful place has been a dream of mine for a long time. I hope that you will join us and together we can explore this wonderful world."