Kit list for day sailing

Thank you for booking a day sail with Selkie. We will provide tea and coffee and we have water onboard which is drinkable but comes out of our tanks so feel free to bring your own.
This list has been devised based on experience and although it might seem a lot of stuff to bring conditions can make it wet and cold so it is best to be prepared for all eventualities. There are no spare waterproofs on board.

non-slip boots or shoes that have been cleaned (please do so before boarding the dinghy)
waterproof jacket
waterproof trousers
sun cream
remember that even on a sunny day it is always cooler on the water than on land
water bottle
packed lunch
spare clothing is a good idea if the weather forecast is for rain
towel and swimming stuff if you're planning on a dip

if you are worried you might suffer from sea sickness, then consider talking to your doctor or chemist. You might find this link useful: